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About us – holiday rental villa

Our holiday rental villa in Dubrovnik has been recognized for its uniqueness and quality by Conde Nast Johansens. 


Inspector of Conde Nast Johansens visited Villa Anastasia:


Conde Nast Johansens review of our rental villa


You can read the rest about Villa Anastasia on Conde Nast Johansens web site.


We are also among highest ranked rental villas and apartments on Booking.com.


The concept of “Anastasia”, which in Greek means  “Revival” (αν?στασις – anastasis) is a base concept on which I founded our home as a unique place of blending tradition, culture, luxury and body and mind balance. We created Villa Anastasia – a holiday villa for rent with its unique offerings and high-class service.


My name is Gordana Barlé, MD, and It was my grandmother Anastasia who taught me to cherish life in all its forms, to appreciate tradition and history and connect it to the future. More than anything she taught me to love people and do everything to help them.


I was born in Croatia and I graduated from Medical School in Zagreb, but life took me to the USA where I continued my education and became a psychiatrist, a subspecialist in psychosomatic medicine by graduating the program at Long Island Jewish Medical Center.


As a consultant on medical floors I came to realize that stress, unhealthy life styles and the overall lack of prevention play a significant role in so many medical problems. That was the time when I realized that sometimes and even in a short period certain interventions can change and motivate people to embrace a different outlook at life and improve its quality.


It took me many years to find a proper location for my concept and tried different approaches when I realized that the ideal place to build a perfect holiday rental villa was just in front of me, simple and available in my homeland, in Dubrovnik. So, I went back to my roots just to find out that the centuries of life have filtrated the way of living, the quality of food and water and natural beautifying treatments to rely on.


If you come to Dubrovnik and want an unforgettable experience, rent this Dubrovnik holiday villa from the owner or just rent one of our luxury holiday apartments with the perfect view of Dubrovnik old city and the Adriatic Sea.


This lifestyle has been confirmed by the history and recommended by the culture and tradition.

You’re invited with the warmth of the domestic hearth and a wide smile!


You can book online our holiday rental villa or just a luxury apartment and reserve your space in paradise.